Placing A Wager

There are different ways to place wagers within the different sports both individually and geographically. North American betting is different from wagering on European sports while betting on a hockey game is different from betting on a basketball game. Here is a basic outline for betting on all sports:
1) First choose the sport you wish to bet.

2) Click on the pull-down menu that contains the words “Select A Bet Type” to choose the type of wager you want to place.

3) Scroll through the available events/games and choose the outcome (teams, player, etc.) you wish to bet on. To choose an outcome, click on the small box beside the odds/line and you have made your selection. If you are making a combination/multiple bet, known as a parlay or teaser, you must choose as many teams as is necessary to complete the wager. This is determined by the type of bet you choose.

4) Enter in the amount that you wish to wager by typing your bet in the box labelled “Amount.” Then click on the “Place Bet” button. Your wager will appear on the right side of the screen which is your betting ticket. If a note highlighted in red appears above your betting ticket and your wager does not appear, then a mistake has been made while you were selecting your wager. Read the red highlighted note and it will inform you of the error and provide appropriate instructions to correct the mistake.

5) Before you submit your bet(s) – you can have different multiple bets on your betting ticket, please make sure to reload or refresh your page so you can see the most current lines. The odds/lines can change often and quickly, so make sure the odds are the ones that you want to bet. If you find that one or more of the wagers on your betting ticket is not what you want, simply click the “Cancel” or “Cancel All” button and the wagers will be dropped from your betting ticket.

6) Once you have reviewed and are completely satisfied with your selection(s), go to the bottom of the betting ticket and type the word “Yes” in the confirmation box. Then click on the “Submit” button and you’ve completed your wager. A confirmation notice will appear and you can view your wagers in the “Pending Wagers” section.